Teeth Whitening Facts Worth Knowing

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Love to eat berries and drink wine or coffee? It is possible that after all these years, you noticed that your teeth appear much darker than they used to be. The culprit/s? The substances you’ve been consuming mindlessly or the habits you’ve been doing. Unfortunately, any food or beverages that can stain a white cloth can do so to the teeth. The good news is, there are now several ways for people to regain the brightness of their teeth. Teeth whitening is one of the most popular treatments availed by many nowadays. In fact, it is so in-demand that various products and brands are now available in the market.

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However, despite its popularity, misconceptions are still around. While some of the myths are simply not true, others can be harmful if practiced. So, for everyone to understand more about teeth whitening, we at Milestone Dentistry decided to share the most common myths and their corresponding facts. Read on below!

Teeth whitening can harm the enamel

This myth is partly fact because there are actually some products that can damage the enamel, especially when overused. However, if a dental professional performs the procedure, patients can rest assured that their teeth and gums will be perfectly fine during and after a teeth whitening treatment. Contrary to what most people think, teeth whitening does not require shaving the enamel slightly for the solution to work. The pores of the teeth give the whitening agents the access they need for the stain inside the tooth.

Acidic fruits can whiten the teeth

For patients who like to do things the natural way, rubbing fruits like strawberry, orange, lemon, and any other fruits won’t work in whitening the teeth. The truth is, the acidity of these fruits can cause the enamel to wear away. Since enamel can’t regrow, avoiding this method is best.

The results of teeth whitening can last forever

The effects of teeth whitening treatment can last for several years; however, not for a lifetime as some people think. The good news is, its average lifespan can be lengthened if the patient practices proper oral care at home, schedule routine dental appointments, and avoids substances with staining properties.

Store-bought products are as effective as professional whitening

OTC teeth whitening options and professional treatments may use the same whitening agents; however, the results they provide are totally different. For one, OTC products are only allowed a limited amount of dosage; professional systems, on the other hand, can have high amounts. Store-bought options may work to remove stains on the surface, but professional treatment can also address intrinsic stains to brighten the teeth.

Is teeth whitening now clearer than before? If you still hesitate to undergo the procedure due to uncertainties, feel free to contact our practice for answers.


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